After each of your purchases you earn loyalty points that will get you vouchers for use during your subsequent orders on the site.
The number of loyalty points you can earn is indicated below each product in the listing. This number can be reduced acordingly with promotions or specific discounts on products.

All products get you loyalty points.
Points earned will be recorded in your account under "loyalty points" and will remain exchangeable throughout one year after they have been issued.
When you have accumulated a minimum of  40 points, you can convert them in a voucher, which will also be included in your account and may be used to pay your next order.

Allocated points are related to the price of the products you order:

9.99€ et 13.49€ = 1 point

19.99€ et 25.99€ = 2 points

29.99€ = 3 points

49.99€ = 5 points

59.99€= 6 points

79.99€= 8 points

99.99€ = 10 points


Vouchers are allocated according to the number of points:

40 points = 20 and 0.50 € per additional point.

Example: 64 points generate a voucher of 32

Librairie-Audio reserves the right to modify or discontinue its loyalty program at any time. This information will be brought to the attention of holders of loyalty points via an email sent to them personally.
In the event of termination of the loyalty program, points acquired at the date of termination of the program will be transformed into purchase orders, with no minimum required, validated for a period of 3 months from the date of termination of the loyalty program . After this period, the accounts will be reset to zero.