Secure payment

Online payment by credit card
If you choose this method of payment (safest, easiest and fastest) we offer you to choose between the following payment cards: Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard.

Securing Data
To ensure your purchase safely, our website has adopted the SSL encryption procedure that ensures the confidentiality of banking information.

Thus, at the time of entry and during transfer via the Internet, it is impossible to capture your datas. In addition, this information is not stored on our servers (which is why we ask you to provide it for each of your new purchases).
Since December 2003, we ask you to indicate the last three digits on the back of your credit card. This control allows us to ensure that the card holder is placing the order. In fact, these numbers do not appear on your bank statement or credit card slips edited on a merchant.
In case of an attempt to pay with a card reported stolen, online validation will be automatically rejected, our bank server is connected in real-time server GIE cards.
The e-transaction system we use is operated by the French bank Crédit Agricole. The latter, which is the only one to know the numbers you entered, warns us at the end of the transaction, to confirm or not your order through the GIE Cards.

The process is as follows:
 1. After filling his shopping cart, the user clicks on one of the means of payment offered by the merchant's site (thanks to the e-transactions system). The user is automatically connected to the bank server that asks for the card numbers to make a request for authorization from the bank. The data required are:
• Card Number
• Expiry Date
• CVV (last 3 digits on back of card)
2. Upon receipt of the authorization response, e-transactions simultaneously address a response to the merchant server and a receipt to the customer.
3. Exchanges between e-transactions and the user are encrypted. Only the server knows the e-transactions credit card numbers of the user.
Payment by Check:
This method of payment is obviously slower than the credit card and should be used only if you can wait a few more days.
We cannot accept checks from banks outside France.
Should send your check to the address listed on your order stating your order number.
We remind you our address below:
Pole eCommerce / Librairie-Audio

40 Avenue Jean Poulou

64500 Ciboure

Payment by bank transfer:
Before making a transfer check the amont of additional fees the bank may charge for a wire transfer, it varies from one institution to another. 
Banking details for your transfer to Audio Library are:

Name of Bank: Crédit Agricole Pyrenees Gascogne
Place: Saint Jean de Luz Halles
Account Name: SARL Pole eCommerce
40 Avenue Jean Poulou, 64500, Ciboure
Bank Code: 16906
Branch Code: 00028
Account No: 5109209154 Key: 83
IBAN: FR76 1690 6000 2851 0920 2915 483

With  your transfer  specify your name and order number. We accept payments in euro throughout the world.

Placing an order by phone or GETTING Support :
You can call us at +33 (0) 5 35 46 76 00 . Be aware of the french time before calling.