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Artist Romane, Richard Manetti, Marc-Michel Lebévillon
Format : CD Musical
Number of CDs : 1

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Is it just a figure of speech to say “music runs through their veins”? Because listeners can indeed hear something unique in this record, and it has much to do with family ties… Apart from the obvious understanding between father and son, their playing conveys a share of love and respect that is priceless. Romane has handed down not just his passion for music but also his elegance, and such precise and generous foundations, combined with the pulse transmitted by the incredible Marc Michel Lebevillon on bass, are equally vital to the music. Featuring a high-flying trio playing standards and original compositions, this 2007 recording simply entitled “Père et Fils” (father & son) waves a great banner for a brand of French gypsy jazz that features sublime guitars.
Augustin BONDOUX

As the publisher of the complete recordings of Django Reinhardt — the set is a work of reference with 40CDs and booklets totalling 760 pages — Frémeaux & Associés today counts as one of the premier independent producers of gypsy jazz. This genre, as erudite and technical as it is generous and approachable, demonstrates the cultural and musicological richness of the gypsy contribution to western culture. Romane is one of their most eminent representatives and his compositions have become genuine standards. Frémeaux & Associés celebrates the work of this guitarist in a collection covering his entire career as a recording-artist, available to the public as a “Complete Works” set with Père & Fils as its twelfth volume.

01 Invitation - Romane06'03
02 Django - Romane04'19
03 Flirt - Romane03'22
04 My Foolish Heart - Romane07'59
05 Strange Color - Romane04'37
06 Tenneswing - Romane03'53
07 To Be Bop - Romane04'34
08 Gypsy March - Romane04'25
09 Blue Flower - Romane04'03
10 Fast Man - Romane04'06

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