YÉYÉ VO/VF 1955-1962


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ORIGINAL AND DUBBED EARLY FRENCH POP ROCK RECORDS, 1955-1962 Even if they already existed before the end of the Fifties, French imports of American rock soon gave rise to the common practise known as a “reprise” or adaptation, an exercise that had many adepts including Johnny Hallyday, Richard Anthony and Sylvie Vartan, and all the rock groups. But being “N°1 in America” didn’t necessarily produce a French N°1, or vice versa, and some of the reprises were trans gured to become practically new inventions, and they were all the tastier for it. This 3CD overview taking in the years 1955-1962 puts mostly American and French titles in perspective thanks to some almost totally unknown original versions, selected here by François Jouffa and Pierre Layani.

Patrick Frémeaux

CD 1
01 Lhomme à la moto02'04
02 Black denim trousers and motorcycle boots02'09
03 Tes pas tombé sur la tête02'15
04 See you later alligator02'45
05 Rock a beatin boogie01'33
06 Rock-a-beatin boogie02'19
07 La chanson dOrphée02'48
08 Manha de carnaval02'48
09 Nouvelle vague02'32
10 Three cool cats02'09
11 Souvenirs, souvenirs02'10
12 souvenirs02'02
13 Kili watch02'43
14 Kili watch 202'37
15 Tu parles trop01'47
16 You talk too much02'36
17 Mon septième ciel01'56
18 Seven steps to love02'11
19 Ma ptite amie est vache01'54
20 Mean woman blues02'16
21 Le jour J01'44
22 Ive got you (Where I want you)02'16
23 Cherie oh! cherie02'34
24 Oh! les filles02'13
25 Sugaree02'53
CD 2
01 Mon amour oublié02'00
02 oh! why02'29
03 La bamba rock01'47
04 La bamba02'06
05 Panne dessence02'16
06 Out of gas02'06
07 Cest encore une souris02'02
08 Ciao ti diro02'38
09 Tu mets le feu01'44
10 Great balls of fire01'51
11 Twist à Saint-Tropez01'45
12 Twist à Saint-Tropez 202'34
13 Twist Twist02'06
14 Twist Twist 202'18
15 Oh! Baby tu me rends fou01'30
16 Im in love with you02'18
17 Nous quand on sembrasse02'38
18 High school confidential02'29
19 Veille bien sur mon amour02'12
20 Take good care of my baby02'27
21 Santiano02'13
22 Santiano 202'08
23 Belles, belles, belles02'13
24 Girls, girls, girls (made to love)02'26
25 Girls, girls, girls (made to love) 202'01
CD 3
01 Serre la main dun fou02'43
02 Shake the hand of a fool02'03
03 Et bien, cherche!02'35
04 Searchin02'40
05 Be bop boogie boy01'45
06 Be bop boogie boy01'48
07 Je suis près de toi02'01
08 So what02'25
09 Vingtième étage01'40
10 Twenty flight rock01'44
11 Ma verte prairie02'31
12 Evergreen tree02'40
13 Oh! Oh! Cheri02'19
14 Uh! Oh!02'26
15 Le lion est mort ce soir02'43
16 The lion sleeps tonight (Wimoweh)02'40
17 Jackie la guitare02'24
18 (Dance with the) the guitar man02'41
19 Je suis né pour pleurer02'14
20 (I was) born to cry02'25
21 Jirai pleurer sous la pluie02'00
22 Cryin in the rain01'57
23 Jentends siffler le train03'20
24 Jentends siffler le train 202'50
25 500 miles03'11

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