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Artistical Director : JEAN-BAPTISTE MERSIOL
Format : CD Musical
Number of CDs : 2

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This anthology compiled by Jean-Baptiste Mersiol re-examines the musical heritage of the Alsace region. The first CD deals with traditional brass bands and the marches, polkas and traditional music for which Alsace is famous; the second CD is devoted to the musical heritage of today, which is very much alive and contributes to enlarging the modern repertoire. From the post war lyricists gathered around the famous Strasbourg cabaret Barabli (owned by Germain Muller and Mario Hirlé) to today’s singers, this music has been invaluable in helping to create and maintain the language, its special feeling for words, its humour and its poetry. This set highlights the famous Alsace identity: like that of its Belgian cousin, it was built on the constant questioning of its roots and future.
Patrick Frémeaux

CD 1
01 Deux bons copains (Danse alsacienne N°1)02'03
02 Auprès de ma Blonde02'32
03 Ludovica02'45
04 Retour des cigognes03'07
05 Forêt en fête02'44
06 Vive la classe01'55
07 Ici Strasbourg02'44
08 Hans Em Schnockeloch01'54
09 L'écho du village01'38
10 Sans oubli03'07
11 Les conscrits de Bischheim02'24
12 Polka des conscrits01'58
13 Que notre Alsace est belle03'35
14 Mon beau pays d'Alsace02'52
15 Sous le tilleul03'10
16 Valse du pays - Tilleul02'47
17 La vieille valse03'43
18 Trachtenwalzer02'47
19 D.R. Vehrele03'41
20 O Du Liewer Augustin01'53
21 Fuchsgraben02'44
22 Marché des Dragons02'11
23 Kermesse à Hausbergen02'49
24 Marche Folklorique : Extrait des Fêtes de Cornouailles02'49
CD 2
01 Char à banc, stop03'04
02 Polka Alsacienne02'12
03 Steckelburi Swingt01'43
04 De Schweissdissi Boogi Woogi01'44
05 Hopla Geiss01'00
06 Pop Art Mit Bart (Trotz Net So)03'28
07 In De Kiche02'55
08 De Kerwer02'30
09 Hans Em Schnockeloch03'36
10 Lieb Ohne Grenze04'14
11 Gewurtzraminer Blues03'56
12 De Offe Hosselade Boogie03'04
13 Printemps d'Alsace02'34
14 Schrieb Mehr Doch03'37
15 Albert07'53
16 Marianele04'52
17 Liewes Elsass03'09
18 Le répondeur des pompiers00'38
19 Tapis rouge14'55
20 Chuis Alsacien Man03'14

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