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Artistical Director : BRUNO BLUM
Format : CD Musical
Number of CDs : 6

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It is out of New Orleans that Fats Domino surged up to become the greatest black star of the 1950s and the first true rock superstar — a giant among giants.
His worldwide hits, such as “Blueberry Hill,” became so famous that they overshadowed the best of his excellent output.
Yet one should not overlook the great blues performer, the Boogie Woogie piano virtuoso and the fundamental pioneer who let the world first discover the rock genre. Domino managed to cross over to the white, general public, and embodied racial segregation tensions during the early Civil Rights movement.
Bruno Blum tells the unthinkable triumph of this simple man who, far from his smiling image, caused riots all over the country.
There is no way around these six discs, which are indispensable to any rock or blues lover. This hand-picked selection highlights the cream of often overlooked works by an essential figure.


CD 1
01 The Fat Man02'37
02 Hide Away Blues02'24
03 She's My Baby02'40
04 Little Bee02'28
05 Boogie Woogie Baby02'16
06 Hey ! Là-Bas Boogie02'24
07 Careless Love02'15
08 Hey! Fat Man02'35
09 What's The Matter Baby02'13
10 I'Ve Got Eyes For You02'38
11 Stay Away02'13
12 Don'T You Lie To Me02'18
13 Rockin' Chair02'27
14 Sometimes I Wonder02'21
15 Right From Wrong02'14
16 You Know I Miss You02'13
17 I'll Be Gone02'19
18 Reeling And Rocking02'19
19 Goin' Home02'10
20 How Long02'01
CD 2
01 No No Baby02'19
02 The Fat Man's Hop02'25
03 Long Lonesome Journey02'27
04 Trust In Me02'48
05 Cheatin'02'36
06 Mardi Gras In New Orleans02'17
07 I Guess I'll Be On My Way02'17
08 Nobody Loves Me02'12
09 Dreaming02'19
10 Going To The River02'29
11 I Love Her02'04
12 Second Line Jump02'32
13 Swanee River Hop02'46
14 Rosemary Version 102'00
15 Please Don't Leave Me02'34
16 Domino Stomp01'55
17 You Said You Love Me02'34
18 Rose Mary Version 202'15
19 Ain'T It Good02'36
20 Fats Domino Blues (Instrumental)02'25
CD 3
01 The Girl I Love02'06
02 Don'T Leave Me This Way02'18
03 Something's Wrong02'41
04 Fat's Frenzy (Instrumental)02'23
05 Goin' Back Home01'55
06 You Left Me02'03
07 “44”02'29
08 Barrel House02'29
09 Little School Girl02'38
10 If You Need Me02'03
11 You Done Me Wrong02'03
12 Baby Please01'56
13 Where Did You Stay02'01
14 I Lived My Life01'59
15 Little Mama02'39
16 I Know02'38
17 Love Me01'55
18 Don'T You Hear Me Calling You02'07
19 Don'T You Now02'20
20 Helping Hand02'06
CD 4
01 All By Myself02'22
02 Ain'T That A Shame02'25
03 La La02'13
04 Blue Monday02'16
05 Troubles Of My Own02'13
06 I'M In Love Again01'54
07 Bo Weevil02'47
08 Don'T Blame It On Me02'41
09 If You Need Me 202'02
10 Howdy Podner02'08
11 So Long02'11
12 I Can'T Go On This Way02'10
13 My Blue Heaven02'06
14 Ida Jane02'09
15 When My Dreamboat Comes Home02'19
16 What's The Reason Why I'M Not Pleasing You02'01
17 The Twist Set Me Free02'00
18 Blueberry Hill02'19
19 Honey Chile01'46
20 What Will I Tell My Heart02'26
CD 5
01 I'M Walkin'02'09
02 I'M In The Mood For Love02'42
03 My Happiness02'14
04 Don'T Deceive Me01'52
05 The Rooster Song02'05
06 Oh! Whee02'06
07 My Love For Her02'37
08 Don't You Know That I Love You02'09
09 (I'll Be Glad When You Re Dead) You Rascal You02'36
10 Young School Girl01'54
11 Lazy Woman01'47
12 Whole Lotta Loving01'38
13 Lil Liza Jane01'52
14 When The Saints Go Marching In02'25
15 I'M Ready02'03
16 Want To Walk You Home02'19
17 Easter Parade02'26
18 Be My Guest02'15
19 Walking To New Orleans01'59
20 Don'T Come Knockin'01'57
CD 6
01 La La 202'02
02 Shu Rah01'40
03 My Girl Josephine02'02
04 It Keeps Rainin'02'46
05 What A Price02'21
06 Ain'T That Just Like A Woman02'43
07 Fell In Love On Monday01'55
08 Trouble In Mind02'30
09 Bad Luck And Trouble02'40
10 I Just Cry02'06
11 Ain'T Gonna Do It02'04
12 Won'T You Come On Back02'18
13 Good Hearted Man02'24
14 Trouble Blues02'41
15 Let The Four Winds Blow02'17
16 What A Party01'59
17 Jambalaya (On The Bayou)02'22
18 Stop The Clock02'19
19 Hum Diddy Doo01'54
20 Dance With Mr. Domino02'04

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